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Breaking, bursting

The leaves are falling gently off my shoulders that
remind me of the moments I've been through
Those days and times have certainly been true
but gave me a lot more than I could get

And while the wind helps trees to shiver off
a water source is about the be found
Just try to listen, beneath all that sound
of breaking, bursting, you'll find my voice, soft

But after all this time of noise I grew
and yes, it has something to do with you

Warm and gold

I'm completely torn away
by the cold in the air
the cold in my spirit
which feels tired and old
Though those eyes
coloured in the lightest blue
make me search for your heart
which feels warm and gold

In this place - a song

Holding on, in this place under the sun
It will be soon, in this place under the moon
Open cards, in this place under the stars where planets falling as we shoot them in the heart
stay at your guard

Beast of the dark

As soon as the sun shines down
it changes all things
In the dark and blue shadows
you are a beast
Hunting on the imaginaries
that try to take our minds
Sending them back
while barking their lust into fear
Your eyes turn from black and wild
into yellow and full of hope
Praising the lights for their return
and searching beneath the ground in my sight
And yes I know
you will always be free and of the dark
but you won't lose me

Like how the sun

Like how the sun
catches the birds
flying fiercly
against the cold grey
of everchanging surroundings

That's how
you catch my mind
that's full of questions
against the blinding lights
of all other things


De kus
die je me gaf op de avond toen het altijd avond zou blijven op mijn lippen voel ik nog branden in mijn hoofd in mijn handen
De hand die streek over mijn haar dat opeens zo lang was en als fluweel voel ik nog strelen over mijn armen over mijn benen
De blik met lichte spikkeltjes in de donkere ogen die leken op het groenste wild en de ruigste zee voel ik nog vuren door mijn ogen door mijn gedachten


Midden in het geweld
is het mooi om te staan
wanneer de lucht
groen en rood en wit wordt gekleurd
en spetterende deeltjes
de macht overnemen
van fonkelende sterren
Maar toch
binnen achter het glas
tegen zachte doezelende dekens
en warm metaal
vertoeven wij liever
Terwijl daarbuiten
ver weg
de luchten
groen en rood en wit worden gekleurd
door spetterende deeltjes
die de macht overnemen
van blijde gezichten
en ze laten vrezen
voor wat er komt
in 2017

Fix me

I'm broken and I'm lying here alone
My head's up on my arms and tired hands
My mind is twisted between all those clans
My heart feels like it's made of only stone
I do not know the source of all this cold
It's like the thought of white, unfallen flocks
that should be here now with the christmas clocks
just like the stories that I have been told

But you, with those blue eyes I've seen among
You brighten me although I don't know how
I'm asking you, without a formal vow
Now, would you fix me just like in our song?