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ideas in my head

What if
the ideas in my head
would just flicker on
like the lamps in the street
when the dark has begun
And the lightbulb in the room
If I'd screw it a little tighter
would the thoughts in my eyes
flash a little brighter
It's only time
It's only faith

About war

When all the things you tried to think were good
have suddenly become the source of fear,
then at the very place where you first stood
has someone dropped an unforgivenlly tear.

And on the ground where those now lit the lights
I'm standing still but without things to know
'Cause we all be and go just like the tides
and can not say: Oh time, I miss you so.

Yes, everyhting has changed and not a sign
of knowledge here is to be claimed as mine.

met gesloten ogen

Ik kijk toe met gesloten ogen
hoe je snel je handen dichtslaat
Hoe je ogen de waarheid vertellen
als je haar voelt tintelen op je huid
in de kooi die je net hebt gemaakt
Je luistert, concentreert
Kijkt plots op
en toont trots en met geluk
dat je nu eindelijk begrijpt
wat mijn gedachte wilde vertellen

The temptation of desire

The temptation of desire
that makes us feel the way we do
is nothing more than just a liar
but we haven't got a clue

leaning on the ceiling

Just as if the woods turn grey and dark appears a warm sparkle in my hand
and everything seems to be broken and made confusing thoughts and everyhting's leaning on the ceiling and it's noticeable how the words in my head trade with time and have a game which all leads to the perfect solution of how I'm just a child lost in the woods grown by my own attempts of trying to understand