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The temptation of desire

The temptation of desire
that makes us feel the way we do
is nothing more than just a liar
but we haven't got a clue


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Familiar curiosity

Can I just comment on those blue eyes that
are looking at me, tell me what you see
You seem so new, like someone I just met
but with familiar curiosity

And while I am still wondering who I am
I'm knowing you some more, just bit by bit
'Cause from my view, the place where I now stand
I'm wondering, but more hoping that we fit

So, honey, do you find that word okay?
'Cause I think it's a quite nice word to say


Onrustig over alle dingen.
Alle dingen in mijn kleine wereldje.
Maar vooral om jou.
Onwetend wat er is.
De ruimte tussen ons.
Ik wou dat ik het kon opvullen.
Zoekend naar een teken.
Op je gezicht.
Dat laat zien wat je denkt.
Dromend over de dingen.
Die je bezig zouden kunnen houden.
In jouw kleine wereldje.

Ought to kill

If I'm ever ought to kill
I'd love to kill
some time with you