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glass between us

I know now that it's hard
It's hard to turn things around
To bend them back the way they were
Folded paper
spoken words
scrachted paintings
refind thoughts
The way we look at people
doesn't contain just the people
but I wonder if it contains you and me
Does the glass between us
suddenly have a scratch?
Or is that only on my side of the window?
I hope
maybe we can bend it just enough
without letting it break


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Familiar curiosity

Can I just comment on those blue eyes that
are looking at me, tell me what you see
You seem so new, like someone I just met
but with familiar curiosity

And while I am still wondering who I am
I'm knowing you some more, just bit by bit
'Cause from my view, the place where I now stand
I'm wondering, but more hoping that we fit

So, honey, do you find that word okay?
'Cause I think it's a quite nice word to say

Church views

Green dark outside
while bright and light here
shines upon us
Trying to make simple
what in no way can be simplified
without losing it's true meaning
Trying to make clear
what in no way can be flawless
without to lie and be unreal
So wake up
and stop hiding behind your covers

Ought to kill

If I'm ever ought to kill
I'd love to kill
some time with you